How to choose the right paint colour

How to choose the right paint colour

There are subtle nuances that play into colour. When selecting a paint colour, it’s important to understand a few key things. Once you understand undertones, lighting, texture, sampling, undercoating and finishes, you can master your colour choices with confidence. Here’s our guide to help you choose the right colour. Colour feature: Daintree

The difference between cool and warm tones

Warm whites can have undertones of yellows pinks and oranges, and can help introduce softness and a welcoming feeling into any space.

Cool undertones can have hints of blue, purple or green, and suit contemporary and modern, open-plan spaces that attract plenty of natural light. Cooler colours can help neutralise brighter light, perfect for north and west-facing spaces.

How does lighting change colour?

The amount of natural and artificial lighting coming through can impact the appearance of a colour.

In-store, a colour can look completely different compared to at home. We always recommend testing your colours using Dulux sample pots, large swatches or colour stickers.

If there is an abundance of natural light, cooler colours may be more suited. If a room needs lifting, a warmer tone can help light reflectance and brighten the room.

Tip: Keep in mind how your ceiling lights and lamps may influence the tone too.

How can furniture change the look?

Your furniture and textured materials such as timber or concrete can also ambience of the room and reflect surrounding colour.

This is why testing colour in your space with your styling elements is so crucial.

Be sure to sample first

Once you’ve narrowed down some options, it’s time to put them to the test in your own space.

Purchase a Dulux sample pot, colour swatch or sticker online or from your local paint stockist.

Make sure you test at different times of the day as well as under artificial lighting at night. Review the colour behind your sofa, near your kitchen cabinets or against your favourite artwork.

We recommend leaving samples up for at least three days to ensure you love the final colour selection.