The secret to making your wall paints last longer

The secret to making your wall paints last longer

Newly painted walls are always the pride of any home dweller. The fresh and flawless finish makes you want to keep the paint intact forever and show off your home to everyone. But like all things beautiful, walls don’t remain blemish-free for long. Leaving stains on walls is unavoidable. For instance, furniture leaning against the wall can cause marks over time and eventually dull out the paint’s shine. But to make stains means to love your home! While this expression of love cannot be taken away from your home and family, we can provide you with solutions to tidy your walls from time to time and help you retain your beautiful walls for as long as possible.


Similar to meticulously planning a vacation, you need to plan how your walls can be protected best, even before the paint goes on. Here are some important things to take care of:


1) Washable wall paints should be your go-to:

quality paint that can be cleaned easily, no matter how stubborn the stain is. we are equipped with high washability and stain-resistant technology. It is also anti-fungal and prevents the formation of mildew in those pesky corners on your walls. Acrylic paints are water-soluble but once dry, become waterproof. This means the paint doesn’t budge or fade away easily when wiped.


2) Don’t forget the exterior:

A strong exterior emulsion paint that can protect your walls in all seasons, especially monsoon, is very important. A water-resistant exterior can ensure that rain does not seep into your home, keeping the interior paint fresh as ever. Constant seepage can lead to fungus and mould formation in walls and can take away the beauty of your home. Jenson and Nicholson’s Decor exterior emulsion paint can serve your purpose and protect exterior walls against bad weather, dust, pollution and algae.


3) Choose the right colour for your home:

If you live in a dry region where dust settles on surfaces easily, choose a darker shade that does not draw attention to dust. If residing in a humid or hot region, choose lighter colours that keep your home cooler. But in case you prefer a darker shade, try and use it in the biggest room in your home, to ensure it doesn’t get hot and stuffy. Wall Paints when selected according to the environment, can last much longer. Jenson and Nicholson’s wide shade range in interior paints and exterior paints can give you a fair idea of what suits your home’s aesthetic and the environment surrounding it.


4) Give your walls a good prep:

After the old paint is scraped off, always fill the holes created and seal it in with a primer, to have a clean canvas that you can turn into anything you like! Jenson and Nicholson’s Acrylic base water thinnable cement primer has good coverage and leaves your walls looking and feeling smooth. Leave the cement primer to dry and set well on your wall and continue with the painting process.